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  • Summer Reading Carnival 4.30 5-7 pm
testing schedule 

testing schedule 

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American Education Week- Thanks to Our Sponsors


The faculty and staff of LMS would like to thank everyone who made American Education Week so special.  We appreciated the treats, lunches, gift cards, positive messages, and show appreciation that we received.


Please see the updated list of sponsors who made this week possible

:Press Release for AEW 2 (2)update.pdf

Basketball Schedule 2017-2018


11.27.17  Buford    5:30   home

11.30.17  Great Falls  5:30  away

12.04.17   open

12.11.17  AJ   5:30 home  AWAY GAME

12.13.17  North Central 5:30  away

01.11.18  South  5:30  home

01.18.18  Buford   5:30  away

01.22.18  open

01.25.18  AJ   5:30  away

01.29.18  Rucker  5:30  home

01.31.18 North Central  5:30 home

02.05.18  South  5:30  away

02.08.18  Great Falls 5:30 home

Flu Shot and Information- EXTENDED REGISTRATION

Please follow the directions to register your child for a flu shot

Lewisville Middle School parent letter validation code 11201008.docx

Universal Breakfast At LMS starts

Charged Meals Policy 2016/2017

Chester County School District
Charged Meals Policy


Procedures for handling charged meals in elementary and secondary schools are developed for the purpose of dealing with this situation on a consistent basis so the student “customer” will not be embarrassed or humiliated.


“Charged meals” are defined as meals which cannot be properly accounted for because the student has no money.


·       Students may charge up to $10.00 in meals.

·       Notification through ParentLink will be used to notify parents of account balances with less than $10.00 weekly. 

·       Any student on paid or reduced status with a negative $10.00 balance will be served an alternate meal until the balance is paid in full or arrangements have been made with the food service director to make installment payments.

·       The food service program will assume the cost of the alternate meal.  If a student has a negative $10.00 balance and receives a regular meal, the cost will be charged to the students account.

·       Students on free meal status with a negative balance will always receive a regular meal.

·       Any student with a negative balance will not be allowed to purchase anything extra (a la caret items).

·       Adults may not charge meals.


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Monthly newsletters from 2017-2018





Lunch Menu and District Calendar

District wide information is available through this link.

Dtap Vaccine Requirements

Help LMS raise funds- the easy way

Send to Ms. Wall or Mrs. Keenon!                                              

  • Assistant Principal LMS
    Ms. Stephanie Barber

Our Stars
General Information 2016-2017
LSM Mission Statement
  • LMS Mission Statement

    In partnership with parents and the community, LMS will provide students with a safe and positive environment that meets the needs of adolescents and ensures that students are provided with the means to reach their individual goals of academic growth in order to be productive, responsible, and successful in the high school setting and beyond.

Principal's Corner
  • Message from our principal

    Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 School Year.  We are off to a fantastic start and I am overly excited about the things we have in store for teachers, students, and parents.  Lewisville Middle School is a school on the move from great to world class.  I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to lead those efforts with all stakeholders of the school. 


    As we continue our mission to partner with parents and the community to provide students with a safe and positive environment that meets the needs of individual students and their academic growth; we do so with one goal to be world class achievers and as one team.  Together we can and together we will!


    If I can be of assistance to you, our students, or community, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the school to see me.  I will do what I can to ensure teaching and learning is enjoyable and exciting.

    Yours in Education,

    Brian A. Edmond, Ed.S
    [email protected]

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  • PowerSchool/ Parent Portal
    POWERSCHOOL IS AVAILABLE:   Link https://ccsdsc.powerschool.com/public/
    The Parent Portal is open for parents to access student grades.  If you have a parent portal/powerschool account and are having trouble, please email [email protected], call the school 803-789-5858, or visit and we will be happy to try and help you solve any issues. 

    If you do not have an account, please visit the parent portal link and follow the directions for signing up.
  • Teacher Class pages and Assignment notifications
    Our website, Schooldesk, includes teacher class pages where parents can learn more about each teacher/subject, syllabi or units, access other resources, and sign up for automatic homework assignment notifications.

    To sign up for homework/assignment notifications: visit the teacher class page, click on the homework or assignments link, then subscribe via email or text message.

    To STOP receiving homework/assignment notifications:  visit the teacher class page, click on the homework or assignments link, then UNSUBSCRIBE via the email or text message.  Teachers cannot unsubscribe last year's students, only the person who subscribed can unsubscribe their notification request.
  • 2017-2018 School Year
    Welcome to LMS
    • Students arriving early should report to the gym area
    • Students will report to their first block class at 7:45 (this replaces homeroom)
    • Students should arrive at school no later than 8:00 - first block begins and students will be considered tardy
    • School is dismissed at 3:00.  Car riders should be picked up between 3:00 and 3:30 from the car line.  Please do not park and walk across the lot for safety and security purposes.  Personnel will be on duty to provide for a safe and efficient car line dismissal. 
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